Who I am

I studied nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

I am passionate about Functional Medicine and nutrition, which intervenes on the body as a whole and looks at the root cause of any imbalance. 

I grew up in the South of France, and from a very young age I was made aware of the great benefits of a natural, clean diet for overall health and well-being.

Food is my best medicine, and I am very fortunate to have been raised

in a house where refined foods and chemical nasties had no place.

As Ann Wigmore rightly put it, “the food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” 

I have now been living in London for over seventeen years, and the city never ceases to amaze me. Here, we are truly spoilt with a variety of high quality, specialised restaurants, cafes and food markets around us! Discover my favourite ones here.

But living in a big city means that it isn't always easy to lead a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, there is a great deal of conflicting information out there on what is supposedly healthy and what isn't, constant new trends and fad diets.

We seem to live in a world where taste prevails over health; I believe that there is a real need for a return to basics. This is why I want to help people regain control of their health, of their well-being, and to make educated food and lifestyle choices.


I work from a number of central London locations, and video consultations are also available.


Contact me to arrange a brief telephone introduction and to see how I can help you reach your health goals. 

Additional training: Conferences and webinars 


  • ‘Nurturing Your Nature, 5 Elements of Health’ – Dr Alessandro Ferretti  

  • 'Individualize your diet for maximum health' - Dr Xandria Williams  

  • 'Medical Oncology & Natural Medicine: Improving outcomes for cancer patients' - Bio Medica Nutraceuticals

  • 'The Health Factory: Noble Minerals' - Steven Koenigswarter

  • 'CAM Conference: Nutrients and Gene Expression' - Giovanni Scapagnini, MD, PhD

  • 'Gut endurance' - Dr Justin Roberts  

  • 'Probiotics in the management of high cholesterol' - Joanna Scott Lutyens 

  • 'Healing Leaky Gut' - Dr Josh Axe  

  • ‘Electromagnetic Radiation: A Modern Health Hazard?’ - Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe  

  • ‘How Not to Die - Uprooting the UK's Leading Causes of Death'– Dr Michael Greger  

  • ‘Detecting Cancer’  – Dr Xandria Williams  

  • 'Filtering fish oil fact from fiction' - Dr Nina Bailey  

  • 'Nutritional Strategies for cognitive decline' - Dr Nina Bailey  

  • Safe nutrition support for clients with Cancer' - Sophie Tully 


Marion Depre

Nutritional Therapist


 (English & French speaking)