It is well known that no cosmetic care product will help you achieve better results than a clean, healthy diet, but here are some additional beauty tips to complement your new lifestyle and to get you glowing inside and out...


Remember to always treat your body like it belongs to someone you love!  

Red Lips
Baby Sleeping

You've all heard it before, but sleep is your ultimate beauty ally, helping you restore and repair after the damage caused by stress, anti-radicals and other daily harmful exposure. What you may not know is that sleep during the hours before midnight is thought to be twice as beneficial as post midnight sleep!

I would also recommend trying to switch off your phone, computer or tablet at least one hour before bed as the bright lights are disruptive to the Circadian Rythm.

You can learn more on the topic here

Clean beauty
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Whatever you apply on to your skin will eventually make it into your bloodstream, and according to the Environmental Working Group, the average woman uses 12 products containing 168 unique ingredients EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Most contain endocrine disrupters, which can affect hormonal balance and fertility. Some contain ingredients with clear links to cancer.

So now is the time to review your daily beauty routine and give your bathroom cabinets a good spring clean if you were using skincare and make-up that contain harmful chemicals.

Here are the top 10 harmful ingredients in skincare and make-up products:

Please read the ingredients carefully before buying. As there are currently no legal standards for the use of the terms ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ on beauty products, any brand or beauty product can be labelled as natural or organic even if it contains virtually no such ingredients, and be packed with the harmful chemicals listed above!


Another important consequence of making this switch towards safer and cleaner choices, is that the products you will likely buy now will not have been tested on animals.

Here are some of my favourite and 100% trusted cosmetic brands available in the UK:

Use coconut oil as a gentle make-up remover
Coconut Beauty Products


A very simple and economical way to remove your make-up daily. It works even on acne-prone or oily skin, due to its anti bacterial and anti yeast properties. Your coconut oil should be bought organic, minimally processed and cold-pressed as it won't have had any toxins in the manufacturing stage. 

Having tried so many different brands in the past, I have now been using coconut oil for years, as no other product can be as gentle on the sensitive eye area.


Simply liquify the coconut oil in your hands when it is in its natural solid state, and gently rub onto dry skin, paying special attention to heavy eye makeup.  Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. 

Skin dry brushing 
Bath Brush and Soap

This practice has been gaining popularity lately and with good reason. 

Dry brushing has many potential benefits, from smoother skin to helping with lymphatic drainage. Brushing the skin regularly helps stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and helps to detoxify.

It is also a perfect way to exfoliate, boost the circulation and even reduce cellulite.

Use a firm, natural bristle brush with a long handle and practice daily before you shower.  

Start at your feet and brush upward toward the heart. Similarly, when you start on your arms, begin at the hands and work upward. Use firm, small strokes upward, or work in a circular motion. For the stomach, work in a clockwise direction. Be sure not to press too hard or use a brush that is too stiff.

Any kind of brushing or exfoliation should be gentle and should never break the skin. I wouldn't recommend it if you have sensitive skin or a history of eczema. Why not try a detox bath instead...