My approach

I am very passionate about  helping you achieve meaningful health goals, with a tailor-made approach that looks primarily at the client as an individual, not as a set of symptoms.
With this in mind, upon our first consultation we will discuss all your body systems, so as to build a global picture of your state of health. This will take into account your past medical history, the predisposing factors as well as the current drivers and mediators of the condition or the difficulty in achieving  your current goals. 
I do not believe in the 'one size fits all' approach.
I will look at the possible nutrient deficiencies, and investigate the source of food allergy / intolerance that may be present.
We may require some laboratory testing to further the detective work needed to get to the root cause of the problem.
Together we will work towards a nutritional plan that is not only very nourishing but equally delicious (yes! It is very much possible...healthy doesn't have to taste nasty!), all within your budget and time constraints.
Freshly Picked Vegetable
If you are ready for some exciting changes, let me help you regain control of your health and embrace a new state of wellness.
I offer practical advice and ongoing support to allow you to sustain this new, healthier state over the long-term.
Due to the comprehensive nature of the process, the initial consultation will take one hour.
We will aim to review the nutritional plan and advice given, four to six weeks later. The follow-up consultation will last forty five minutes.
I am also available over the phone or via email in between sessions should you have a little motivation dip!